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Oregon Growers & Shippers mission is to produce and distribute the highest quality farm direct food made from Pacific Northwest ingredients, while using business practices that are respectful to the environment, people, communities, and our way of life. By connecting people to the food of their community, Oregon Growers & Shippers

OregonGrowers & Shippers Company Information:
P.O. Box 207 0 Hood River
Oregon 97031 USA
Ph 541 386 5600
Fax 541 610 1630

OregonGrowers & Shippers History:
" Straight from the Hood River Valley, Oregon Growers & Shippers makes farm direct specialty foods by combining fresh, in-season produce and recipes that highlight the natural flavor of each ingredient. To achieve Oregon Growers & Shippers' commitment to creating only the highest quality, best tasting products possible, we endeavor to purchase each ingredient directly from local farmers who have exceptional growing practices. "